'AnyVan' Increases Payment Approval Rates


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Delivering anything over the size of a standard parcel is difficult, particularly if you want the process to be efficient, timely and affordable. This is where AnyVan comes in.

AnyVan is a tech-driven delivery and transport marketplace that connects customers who have items to move with van drivers in the area. Through this marketplace model, resources are more efficiently distributed between those who need something moved or delivered with drivers who have transport space to spare. Ultimately, AnyVan is on a mission to make moving easier, more affordable and greener for everyone.

Yet, with such an innovative service AnyVan kept running into a roadblock that many businesses face: Their previous payment provider just couldn’t wrap their heads around this complex marketplace model. In order to deliver the best customer service possible, AnyVan holds on to funds for 2-5 days – from when the customer books and pays for the service until the job is completed – before allocating the funds to the driver. This ensures the driver doesn’t get paid until the customer confirms that they’ve successfully received their delivery.

AnyVan has faced multiple issues when dealing with other payment providers due to the relative complexity of this model.

“We needed a payment company who could work with us; who could change and be dynamic, versatile, and understand our issues. That’s why Checkout.com was so great” says Angus Elphinstone, Founder and CEO of AnyVan.

Why Checkout.com?

Rather than building barriers and insisting that there was no easy solution, the Checkout.com team took everything on board and got to work; building and implementing a bespoke solution tailored to AnyVan’s specific and complex needs – and all completed in just a few days.

“AnyVan and Checkout.com both have a very lean way of working. We’ve both got that vision to use technology to change a particular industry and make it a whole lot better,” says Elphinstone.

Developing any new APIs or switching to a new payment provider takes time – which is a resource that many startups like AnyVan simply can’t spare. With that in mind, Checkout.com took just three days to implement a new solution which is faster than any other provider AnyVan has worked with in the past. “What was amazing about Checkout.com was that we could gain direct access to their development and tech team” Elphinstone added.

The company’s payment approval rates have also increased massively since working with Checkout.com and they haven’t looked back since.

“If you’re looking to change payments providers, I’d highly recommend Checkout.com. I wouldn’t go anywhere else now” says Elphinstone.

Checkout.com worked to overcome AnyVan’s payment challenges, which had the potential to cause a long-term business headache. Checkout.com’s payment technology expertise and commitment to excellent customer service helped the AnyVan team overcome the challenges of holding and distributing funds. As a result, AnyVan saw their payment approval rate increase significantly leading to greater customer satisfaction, and most importantly, have a positive impact on AnyVan’s bottom line.

Ultimately Checkout.com:

  • Enables direct contact with its development team so any issues can be worked on collaboratively and efficiently.
  • Provides a one-stop shop for payment processing, tailored to the client’s needs and designed to increase approval rates.
  • Offers speedy integration and the ability to develop bespoke solutions within days.

If your business is looking to increase approval rates and create a better customer experience, Checkout.com can help. To discuss payment options for your business, get in touch with one of our specialists today.  

Keep up-to-date with all things payments

Keep up-to-date with all things payments

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