Payments data and reporting

Make more happen with better payments data

Our end-to-end tech gives you a complete granular picture at every step of the payment process. There’s no black box data with us. So you can keep the money flowing and get on with growing.

Grow with connected payments insights

Unlock opportunities with instant, accurate and flexible payments insights. Understand every decline and boost conversions. Discover how money’s flowing through your business – payment-in to payment-out. So you can make the most of every financial moment.

Be smarter with on-demand reporting

Easily view, manage and share your payments data – when and how you want to. So you can make better business decisions faster.

Unified API

Seamlessly plug payments data into your business by pulling everything you need directly from our Unified Payments API.

The Hub

Make sure your payments are always performing with real-time reporting and data exports in The Hub. It’s your payments mission control.

Take control with simpler payments reconciliation

Help your business make better decisions and automate your reconciliation processes with real-time access to financial data. Our reconciliation API makes it easy.

  • A breakdown of all fees associated with payouts
  • Automated reconciliation with your financial systems
  • Real-time access to financial data for custom reporting

Make more happen with actionable payments data

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