A payments solution built for marketplaces

Whether you run a retail or gig marketplace, our modular payments solution powers customizable experiences and total compliance so you can grow your community, your way.

Digital payments for the next wave of marketplace giants

We’re built to give you more flexibility and efficiency in a payment solution while focusing on what matters most to your business — your buyers and sellers.

Frictionless checkout

Empower buyers with conversion driven features that help them pay quickly and easily.

Optimized performance

Block fraud, manage 3DS, and improve acceptance rates to constantly unlock more value.

Seller growth

Launch new sellers faster using contextual onboarding forms and automated verification.

Seller loyalty

Drive seller preference with flexible access to earnings via instant payouts on demand.

Commission flexibility

Increase your margins on every payment with fixed, variable or compound fees per seller.

Automated operations

Work more efficiently by automatically splitting payments or moving funds between accounts.

Actionable insights

Convert granular seller, transaction and reconciliation data into continuous impact.

Always secure

All your compliance needs are covered with built-in tools to meet local and global regulations.

Stand out from the crowd

Today there is an explosion of platforms. Are you just one of many? Our Integrated Platforms solution for Marketplaces is built to help you attract and retain a critical mass of sellers on your platform faster.

Launch sellers faster

More sellers, more listings, more buyers

Power straightforward onboarding experiences that make it easy for new sellers to get verified and start transacting quickly. You’ll get more sellers and an expanding product catalog on your platform to attract and retain buyers.


Choose from API or Dashboard options to sign up new sellers


Contextualize onboarding forms based on the seller location and type


Automate away complex due diligence checks to boost team productivity


Get real-time status updates to act on failures or additional requirements

Centralized view

Create one source of truth for fast, easy access to seller records

Ready to uncover new payment efficiencies?

Get local expertise

Reduce complexity

Eliminate manual processes in your funding flows

Whether splitting payments, adding commissions, applying credits, or paying out sellers, our flexible solution is made to help your teams simplify and automate funds movement into, between, and out of your platform accounts.


Configure splits for multi-seller payments at capture, authorization or refund stages


Customize commissions for each seller on the payment to constantly earn revenue


Transfer funds when, where and how you want for promotions, refunds and monthly fees


Send real-time payouts to seller bank accounts on demand or via set schedules


Get a single, shared view of all transaction events and reconciliation reporting

"Checkout.com’s solution for marketplaces means we now have a broad range of payment methods available to support local requirements. Getting customers on to the platform quickly is important for us, but feeling empowered to more easily track and reconcile different payments using this platform is where we’ve seen the biggest impact.”

Nuno Fernandes

General Manager and Head of Growth – Zomato

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Protect your reputation

Stay ahead with built-in compliance tools

In a world where regulations keep evolving, partnering with Checkout.com fortifies your business against local and global requirements — and the impact on your buyers and sellers. All without having to change your integration.

Handling data

Keep your buyers’ and sellers’ payment details secure at all times in our PCI-DSS Level 1 Vault.

Verifying sellers

Run multiple due diligence checks simultaneously, including KYC, KYB, PEP & Sanctions, VMSS and MATCH.

Improving acceptance

Comply with PDS2, 3DS and SCA requirements while creating the smoothest checkout experience for your buyers.

Paying sellers

Block financial crime with global sanction screening and AML monitoring built-in to every payout.

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